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Imagine never having another WordPress website headache again

WordPress needs to be updated regularly to ensure it remains secure against hackers. We highly recommend a WordPress Maintenance Plan where we routinely check your website for required updates. 

Is your Website Down?

No-one to help you? We can pick-up the pieces and get your WordPress website firing

Slow WordPress site?

We can fix your speed and load
time issues

No time to handle it?

Stick to your day job and let us
work our WordPress maintenance magic

WordPress developer tasks we can help with

  • Keeping WordPress up to date and secure
  • Speed enhancements
  • Improve load time
  • Load and compress images
  • Analysis of Google Analytics data
  • Install Premium Plugins
  • Installing social proof elements and widgets to improve conversion
  • Improve Google Page Speed Insights
  • Edit Implement an offsite backup schedule
  • Setup automated Google Analytics reporting
  • Tweaking “Call to Action’s” to boost conversion
  • Malware Scans
  • WordPress user training
  • Install plugins
  • Updating plugins, ensuring no unexpected conflicts
  • Mobile responsive fixes
  • Installing external third party scripts
  • Fixing typos and text corrections
  • Update website content
  • Site Backup
  • Security fixes
  • Swap logos
  • Fixing broken pages, 404 errors, redirections
  • Change heading and font colours and styles
  • Add new products
  • Check and fix your WordPress website settings
  • WordPress Theme Update

We offer monthly maintainence packages for your website. Please contact us for pricing

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