Websiter firmly believe that customers should never be left feeling unsupported after their assignment is completed. We offer warranty with every website we design at a very low cast which can give you complete peace of mind for the whole year or more.

The Warranty lasts for twelve calendar months from the date the customer’s project goes live, and covers the following:

  • A maximum 48 hour response period to any client requests for support assistance
  • Assistance in restoring of your website at the state it was first available to public.
  • Assistance with user-reported problems experienced whilst attempting to play video or audio files or view or download images or documents
  • General assistance on any queries or problems arising with the Content Management System, Database System or Ecommerce Programme
  • Assistance with user-reported viewing problems where a digital media system may not display correctly in certain browser types
  • Correction of any reported broken links
  • Restoration of any online project that has been the victim of vandalism through, for example, hacking


The Warranty does not provide support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by:

  • If site is not hosted by Websiter. If you are hosting with any other hosting company other than Websiter we can still give it a try but no guarantees in such case.
  • If site is broken due to misuse or mishandling.
  • Due to the changes done by user or developer other than websiter.ca
  • Due to malfunction of 3rd party plugins.

Extension of Cover

Should you wish to extend the cover over a longer period, you may do so at any point by purchasing an Extended Warranty. For further details, please contact us.

Warranty Pricing

Warranty pricing depends project to project based on complexity and size, Usually it costs around 10% to 20% of total cost of the project.