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Why to do SEO for Ottawa Market?

Ottawa is now home of a more then a Million residents, which means your market is 1+ Million strong to present your business in-front of.  Everyday hundreds and thousands of people in Ottawa are searching for products and services like yours but majority of them never get to pass the first page, Which means if you are not on first page of Google you wont get found in Ottawa.

Looking at how competitive today’s Market is, makes SEO implementation essential. Millions of users search out topics on search engines every day. Your company could benefit from that because through SEO you’ll be provided with traffic from search engines. However, how will users find you if your Google rankings are not in the top page results? Not only does SEO improve your search engine rankings but it also improves your website’s user experience which usually drives in more sales.

Population of Ottawa

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How long can it take for your business to get ranked in Ottawa

Depending on the age of your website and domain name and site health, minimum of 3-4 months is required to run an SEO Campaign. However, at SEO Ottawa, we’ve set a minimum of 6 months because SEO is a slow process that takes time and patience. You will start seeing some tangible results in 3 months, but we go the extra mile & give your website a face-lift & add quality content to it to give you more exposure.

A coherent and well-built website can help your website rank higher on google search engines. If SEO strategies get implemented during the website building or design phase, it makes the process way easier later. A well-structured website that has an ideal user experience optimization like the page loading speed, navigation, dynamic content etc. helps your website rank higher. If you have already built your website, you can still implement great SEO strategies However, you will need to spend a bit on website development & restructuring, content changes and other modifications.  SEO is an ongoing process; it takes time to develop. It’s extremely important to build a well-structured online brand and authority as early as possible.


The packages that are provided are tailored options based on the client’s needs by estimating how much time needs to be spent. There are various factors that may affect the amount of time required for a client. These include but are not limited to, whether they require a lot of content strategy or none and how competitive the space we are attempting to gain exposure from is.


Traditional link building is essentially the method of acquiring links from other websites to your own. Whether or not link building is worth doing has been a debate for years as Google’s many algorithms have placed varying importance on it. However, after all the debate, links are still the top-ranking factor for Google’s algorithm with content coming in second. Google uses approximately 200 ranking factors when ranking a website, a few of these specifically refer to link building. It is important to note that simply buying backlinks to your website is what many agencies out there consider as traditional link building, but that’s something you should be careful about as if you do not have control over your link profile you will end up receiving many spammy backlinks, which will end up penalising your website in the long run. You should only acquire links from credible websites or through online PR. These include but are not limited to, the number of linking pages, number of linking root domains and the authority of the linking pages.

Why SEO by Websiter?

What makes SEO Ottawa stand out from the competition is our process which applies strategies that are both ethically and morally bound. We apply white hat SEO strategies and provide services that allow our clients to exceed their competitors. Black hat SEO techniques may result in short term success, it will eventually damage the credibility of a site and could possibly have you banned from Google. These types of techniques prioritise rankings and traffic instead of making a quality product or service for its users.

SEO Ottawa is a creative and ethical SEO company in Ottawa’s and Toronto. We are Ottawa’s leading SEO company. We believe that ranking our own SEO company for our own SEO Campaign keywords is the best way to show potential SEO clients what we can achieve. We offer the most robust and caring SEO services available to companies & businesses Canada wide. How can we make such a bold statement? Well, we have based this statement on our own SEO Company’s rankings and those achieved and sustained by our valued SEO clients. As an SEO agency our SEO results have helped our clients to achieve significant increases in ranking. Our SEO services based in Ottawa are genuine and our SEO agency is highly effective and operates strictly within an ethical paradigm. At SEO Ottawa, there are two main things that differentiate us from other SEO agencies.

  1. We are highly ethical and deliver a transparent and open SEO consultancy service ie: we are white hat. There is no hiding in both service and result.
  2. We bring creativity to what is typically considered to be an uncreative industry and this equates to SEO results. As an ethical SEO company, we only practice white hat search engine optimisation (SEO) pushing our clients ahead of the algorithmic curve without penalty.

Operating within the city of Ottawa, we pride ourselves on our creative approach to ranking strategies, and the SEO strategies we implement reflect this ideology. No business is too big or too small for us! Our SEO content writing, website design, PPC and social media services are second to none.

We create and implement search engine optimisation strategies for companies and agencies providing best practice SEO Canada wide. Our hard work and creative forethought are reflected in our fantastic SEO results, which are best attributed to our distinctive, credible and goal-oriented SEO services in both Ottawa & Toronto.

Are you a green, socially conscious business or company looking for SEO Services? If so, contact us now as our SEO company provides significant SEO rate reductions for ethical, environmentally sustainable and or green businesses.

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