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If you want to start blogging or creating a website to make money, SEO is the thing you need to understand and implement. SEO or search engine optimization basically is a process to make your website or blog more visible to people when they are using search engines to find something related to your blog’s theme. Why is it important? Because many advertisement providers pay a bigger amount of money if the traffic comes from search engine.

Doing SEO for Ottawa, Toronto or rest of Canada is not easy, you need to do a couple of things and patience because even if you do everything right, it still takes some months to see the result (earning). Even more, you need to pay attention to the search engine rules, because one involuntary mistake can make your site gets deindexed (your site will not appear anywhere on the search engine). In this article, you will find some basic SEO things that you can apply to your site.

Multimedia (Videos, Audios, and Images):

Use them on your site because people prefer to watch videos or look at pictures than reading a wall if text. So make use of this multimedia and be sure to describe them inside your description, and “meta-data” it will make your visitors stay longer on your page. It is tiresome work but will pay a great result to your site when it is finally on the first page of Google and the traffic is astonishing.

Make sure your site is “Mobile friendly”:

These days, on the era of mobile devices, search engines won’t even display sites that are not responsive to people making “Organic” search with their mobile phone. So make sure your site can be opened on mobile.

Time to load:

Make sure your site is not taking too much time to be fully loaded. People don’t like it and neither does Google. Choose a theme that is optimized for speed.

Keyword Research:

Do competitive research on your target keyword before doing anything. Look at who is on the first page of Google search for the keywords you wish to rank and assess how hard it would be to displace them. If they are sites like Wikipedia or highly popular sites in your niche, it is better to target another keyword. You don’t want to do all the hard work only to get on page 10, where you are not better than someone who’s on page 100.

Search Engine Dashboards:

Search engines have dashboards so that you can see how people see your site and what errors they found on your site so you can fix and improve it. Use the dashboards! Get all the information you can from them, make the fixes and register your improvement to search engine.

Content Creation:

Write your article content so that the web page title and description are in alignment with your articles and keyword. Put your keywords a couple of times but don’t overdo it because it looks spammy.